DY-11 Oil Pastel Product Plant






  • Shape of Oil Pastel : Circle, hexagon, triangle, square
  • Capacity : 120,000-150,000 PCs/ 8 hrs
  • Voltage : 220-380V
  • Delivery : 120 days
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Wax manufacturing (including dissolving vessel) : 1 unit
  • Dissolving vessel (300L) : 2 units
  • Agitator : 2 units
  • Agitating vessel : 1units
  • Rolling(3 Rolls) M/C : 2 units
  • Molding M/C : 2 units
  • Labeling M/C : 2 units


Product Features



Technology & Certification

  • ISO9001
  • EN 46002


Additional Information

I am as a first class technician and master hand in Korea specialized in installation for Oil pastel, Water Colour Product plant since 1978.

You would recognize the best quality once you test the quality of Oil pastel being produced in Korea. If you import Oil pastel manufacturing plant from Korea we guarantee transfer of manufacturing know-how as well as constant assistance for 2 years to produce superior Oil Pastel. As a matter of fact we enjoy a good reputation with its superior quality of Oil Pastel being exported to Germany, Japan, New zealand, U.S.A and other countries. In case you are transferred with Korean Oil Pastel manufacturing know-how your quality will be recognized in both domestic and foreign market. Korea’s technique and expertise are well proven in international technique olympic with 9 consecutive years winning 1st place totalling 13 times ever since we start participated from 1967.

Also we Dae yong as 1st class technician in Korea are proud of the function of product we produce. We are sure you will be satisfied with raised productivity and superior quality using Oil pastel production plant we manufacture with our heart.

We wish your prosperous business and remain.


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