DY-07 Automatic Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Machine (Labeling + Filling + Vacuum + capping + 100pcs tray assembly)






Product Features

automation vacuum blood collection tube machine LINE 


The whole production process automation.
Our innovative and high performance machine product with full automation produces good quality product without disorder.
The production process Ten workers are required to run the machine.
Our production line with 8 meter length consists of innovative system, for instance, labeling, vacuuming, capping and shrinkable film packing and so on.


Advantage of our line

  1. The rotary disc consists of labeling, either filling or spraying, drying, vacuuming, capping and 100 pieces tray assembling to produce high quality products.
  2. The rotary disc produces high quality finished products.
  3. Our machine product runs smoothly without suspension during production to have no more than of failure rate enough to be negligible.
  4. Operation method and production method will be taught
  5. The clean room requires no more than 30 percent of area of that of competitors. So, you are able to keep temperature of 21-23 all the time to save maintenance cost of clean room very much.


Our machine product assembles not only cap rubber but also plastic automatically to feed it to automatic line.
Two workers are enough to run one line.


You may rely upon us.

Our machine product has an innovative system.

You are allowed to compare our machine product with old model at your visit to South Korea.



Technology & Certification

  • ISO 90001
  • EN 46002
  • ISO14001



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