DY-05 Gel Filling Machine (Labelling+Gel filling)








Product Features

  • DY-05 ” Gel Filling Dual Machine Labeling with two sizes : Collection Tube Machine 8,500 tubes/hr
  • available tubes Siz : 
    a) Length/75mm x Diameter/13mm
    b) Length/100mm x Diameter/13mm
    c)Length/100mm x Diameter/16mm
    d) Voltage : 380V 50 Hz
    e).production process :
    f) alignment of empty tubes with feeding parts
    g) move for labelling machine
    h) marking of manufactured date, expiry date of product
    j) labelling
    l) automatic assemnling on mould of 100 pieces for gel filling.
    m) moving 100 pieces into filling part by hand
    n) Gel filling


Technology & Certification

  • ISO 90001
  • EN 46002
  • ISO14001


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