DY-04 Plastic, Laminate, Tube Filling sealing machine







  • Application : Cosmetic, Pharmacy, Chemical industry etc.
  • Product type : Beauty cream, Ointment, Toothpaste, Pigment, Food, Sauce, Mustard ,Honey, Calcium.
  • Filling range : 1g-250g
  • Filling accuracy : +/- 0.5%
  • Tube material : Laminate Plastic tube
  • Tube size : Diameter : 10-50mm / Length 40-250mm
  • Capacity : 1300-1500 Tubes/hr
  • Voltage : 220V, 380
  • Motor for machine start-up : Speed convertible type (Feeding speed) 3P 0.5kw 60-50/hz
  • Delivery : 60 days
  • Machine size : W: 770 L: 1.550 H: 2.000 (Unit: mm)
  • Net Weight : Approx’ 550kg
  • Guarantee : 24 months (After sales service free of charge during guarantee period)


Product Features

  • Our sealing machinr is running under low temperature. So, there is no any result for contents from chemical response.
  • To seal tube under low temperature that make tube perfectly round without wrinkled surface. Round surface look in beautful and high quality goods.
  • Filling amount is precise.
  • Sealing part is shine.
  • No tails occurred after Filling and there will be no stain along the tube side.
  • Since the sealing is done under cooling condition the contents does not chemically response and its quality last long time.
  • Compatibility is excellent when changing colors.
  • Less noisy than other product when operated.
  • The machine could last more than 15 years.
  • With the convenience to clean the machine could be used in rather sanitary way.
  • Stainless steel is used around the injection part.


Technology & Certification

  • ISO9001
  • EN 46002
  • Automatic status : Loading tubes – Cleaning tube – Being supplied to mold – Filling Eye mark Sealing – Password (option) – -Cupping – Discharge.
    1) Seal method : after heating to seal by low waves . seal by low waves.
    2) On backside,printing the manufacturering date/month/year by every weekly.
    3) We have mounting ligjt censer to print character on middle spot of tube middle spot of tube.
    4) Automatically ,the tube move down and up and control.
    5) Sealing size : according to the size of tube to seal from 3mm to 5mm.
    6) Photocell that could scan the tube print registration mark is being setting.
    7) Our machine is controlled the speed by frequency conversion as you want timing.


Additional Information

I am as a 1st class technician and master hand specialized in manufacturing Filling Sealing machine since 1978. The Korea has been enjoying high reputation as a winner of international vacational training competition for 13 times including 9 consecutive years winning 1st place.
Also we Daeyong as a leading technical expert in Korea are proud of the function of
products we are manufacturing. We are sure that you would be satisfied using our Plastic, Laminate tube Filling Sealing machine we manufacture with our heart. We wish your.


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