DY-02 Oil Pastel & Crayon Making Machine






  • Application : Wax Crayon, Oilpastel
  • Shape of Crayon : Circle, hexagon, triangle, square
  • Kind of label paper : One side art paper (One side coated paper)
  • Crayon sizes : Diameter : 8-16 mm Length : 60-140 mm
  • Capacity : 7800-10.000 Pcs/hr
  • Voltage : 220V-and 380V
  • Motor for machine start-up : Speed convertible type (Feeding speed) 3P 2.7kw 60-50/hz
  • Delivery : 65 days
  • Machine size : W: 1.600 L: 1.560 H: 3000 (Unit: mm)
  • Net Weight : Approx’ 750kg
  • Gross Weight : 850kg
  • Label method : Pasting on both side (Using harmless paste to human body).
  • Manufacturing know-how on paste to be supplied.
  • Guarantee : 12 months (After sales service free of charge during guarantee period only)


Product Features

Strong Point of Crayon ,oil pastel Making machine

  • Crayon Making machine surface is polishing and mold is high quality as in very sophistication.


Quality as in very sophistication.

  • Crayon,Oil pastel is dried by new cooling system and hardness of wax is very high quality.
  • When you need to change color , you can protect loss from clean mold
  • Crayon Making machine is very precision and operation is very easy.
  • We Crayon,Oil pastel Making machine to keep at least for 15 years.
  • Main parts of machine was coated by chrome . So, it look like as new crayon making machine always.
  • Main part was build by oil metal which is no demage without oil injection.
  • Crayon Making Machine is chain gear type.
  • Therefore,you can find easily Crayon Making machine problems and you can adjust it soon.


Technology & Certification

  • ISO9001
  • EN 46002


Additional Information

I am as a 1st class technician and master hand specialized in manufacturing Crayon making Machine and OIL PASTEL Manufacture Machine since 1978. The Korea has been enjoying high reputation as a winner of international vacational training competition for 13 times including 10 consecutive years winning 1st place. Also we Daeyong as a leading technical expert in Korea are proud of the function of products we are manufacturing. We are sure that you would be satisfied using our crayon Making machine we manufacture with our heart. We wish your prosperous business and remain.


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